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Chiari specialist Idaho?

Hello all,

I am wondering if any one is from Idaho and if so do you know of a good surgeon in the area that focuses on Chiari. I was diagnosed by a local NS but I don't really want him to do the surgery.

Thank you

Thank you both for your reply.I have read about Bruce Anderson and he doesnt have the best reviews. In regards to the cervical specialist he is a chiropractor and I haven’t heard any other sources saying chiropractors are safe after being diagnosed.

I think I’m okay with going to Salt lake. I found a well rated chiari specialist. I’m just uncertain as to how the process works with an out of state surgeon. How long I have to stay in that state, who I follow up with, and what happens if something goes wrong.
well that throws my planning off… there is a list of our cities. . Thank you for your help.

Thank you! I found another fantastic gentleman that has about a 4 star rating. He is located here in Boise as well. I am going to see how my insurance works with out of state doctors and if they refuse it I will use the surgeon that has 4 starts here. DR Jutzy is his name.

Thank you