Chiari Pillow?

Nights aren’t the same for my partner and I … Sleep wise. I get my sleep and rest while she tosses and turns in discomfort. Today she woke up not being able to turn her head to the right side :frowning: . I heard of a Chiari Pillow and I’m looking for feed back. Is it worth it ? Will it help her sleep better ? Difference between them ? And most importantly where do I get one ? Thank you everyone.

I have one and I LOVE IT!! The pillow adds to my comfort to sleep but I have to keep a good sleep schedule to really sleep well.

I ordered my online.

It is filled with pieces of memory foam so you can take out some or add to get it just the way you like it. I didn't like it right after surgery but now I have to have it to sleep everynight. Mine is like a normal pillow so it doesn't have an indented space in the middle. The memory foam shift around to make a nice place for you head.

Good Luck!


I was afraid to spend that much money on the chiari pillow also. But had heard so many people say they use a boppy pillow and loved it, so I got one of those. And as far as my neck goes, it has been a God send. I love it and can't sleep without it anymore. Just an option if you want to go a little cheaper to see if it will work for you partner. And if it doesn't, you can always sell it on craigslist.

Thank you everyone for the feed back. I’ll be doing my shopping soon … She needs a good night of sleep.

One more suggestion; I have the Serta Memory Foam (Cervical?) pillow (Sam's, $19.99). Supposed to be for back and side sleepers to support the neck better. It's kind of a rounded U shape, one end is smaller than the other so you can pick which height supports you better. Took me a little to while to get used to but it was really helpful, especially after surgery. I don't go anywhere without it now, it goes with us if we are away from home. Also has a nice plushy cover that is removable for washing.