Chiari headaches and eye issues

Hi everyone, Does it anyone have horrible eye pain with Chiari? I am set to see a neurosurgeon for for Chiari symptoms but there’s almost a month for the the meantime I have no idea how to manage headache and pressure pain behind my right eye. It’s worse when I get up in the morning.nothing helps :frowning:

Thanks Beeba! Somehow I am not able to find baby aspirin in any. I am on Advil but doesn’t help much!

I was just having the same issue with eye pain Dnair. Do you have any sinus issues? I thought that my issue was partially because of my chiari also, and my doctor decided to treat me for a sinus infection. Since starting antibiotics I have felt 100% better. I thought I would share just in case it helps. I hope you are able to find some relief, and good luck!

Just wanted to write an update. None of the over the counter medicines helped but a little home remedy did wonders, hot press near the eye area and a hot bath with Epsom salt. These are the only things that work when I am in pain. In case anyone is looking to ease eye pain & Chiari
head aches try this.