Chiari and syrinx

I’ve got a question regarding those who are diagnosed with C1M/syrinx combo. When I had my MRI, it showed obvious c1m 6mm and shows no damage to the spinal cord but does show pressing on it. The MRI only shows my brain and about 3-4 inches of the spinal cord below. I’ve got lots of back pain, bladder problems consistent with symptoms of a syrinx. This was not even brought up in the neurosurgeon visit. Would a syrinx show lower than 3-4 inches? Could it develop further down in the spinal cord? Any input greatly appreciated.

Definitely a possibility! Talk to your NS or NL about it! Often times they are focused on the brain because that's their specialty and they're not necessarily thinking "whole health." You can ask and they shouldn't be upset. ((Just don't mention medical diagnosing websites---that usually initiates hostility! :D ) A syrinx is possible anywhere in the spinal cord. If your NS/NL is out of town/state and you have a helpful primary doc, talk to them about ordering the test and why. You can usually get the images on a disc to take back with you to the NS then.