Chiari and seasonal allergies

Lord help me I need a drill or a drain

I feel your pain..Foxnrufus !!!!!

Yes, and all of the sneezing does not help the headaches. Or just the pressure in the head. I take 2 benadryl every night and still suffer. I actually had a dr tell me that I could take 6 a night. I laughed and said that I would never wake up.

I have been having the worst allergy cough and have had to double up my dose of my Zyrtec. Which, sadly does not make me sleepy at all, and seems to be a contributor to the insomnia! Sheesh. I just want my regular sleep schedule back!

Mucinex is amazing....

Beeba said:

Best thing ever made - mucinex plain. You must drink a ton of water to activate. People sometimes don't think it works because they don't get enough water. Flood your system and it starts moving. Once it gets moving(not stopped up) sinus cleanse. Use distiller water and for first few days - do three times in a row. Then do twice a day after that. Morning at night. It is something most people should do just as they brush their teeth. It cleans out all that pollen. People say they can't do it - my daughter asks to do this whenever a cold is coming on and has since she was nine. I use an electric one by water pick. It is good because you do a double dose with each cleanse.. Just considered a good sinus care system that I do regardless the only time I get a sinus infection is when I get lax with it.

Thank you all I take zrtect,nasonex and Benadryl at night My pecan trees makes it worse but I love them