Chiari and more :(

Well we had an interesting day today and I think I found something more scary than CM and SM; probably because I just do not understand and I have to wait for procedure and results.

Anyhow while at the doc today I was prescribed Neurontin (300 mg / 3x daily). What have you guys and gals experienced with this med? This is the med that is replacing my Topomax. I also got a good lead on a new NL thanks to insurance not accepting my current insurance. She came to UPMC (Pittsburgh) from the Mayo Clinic - I hope she knows or at least understanding and willing to learn.

The scary thing is that on November 4th I go for a biopsy for Melanoma. I am going to start my research on it later this evening and say some prayers that I am worked up over nothing, but in time we shall see. The time is what is scary to me and family history, my grandmother has it and another form (similar to leukemia). My father had some cancerous lump removed from him that were not related to his Kidney, Brain, Lung, and bone cancer. Now the doc says it is possible due to history in the family, needless to say again that I am scared, very scared.

I hope and pray all of you all are well and pain free. Lets raise a glass (of a good ice cold milk) to being better.

Thanks all for letting me vent this out.


Always in my prayers Mike !!!

Dustin takes neurontin, it has helped his nerve pain a lot. He notices a definite difference when he forgets even one dose. He has not had any bizarre side effects, and a friend of his who works in a neuro office on the east coast recently told him about some research that shows that prolonged neurontin use may actually repair damaged nerves. It is normally prescribed for diabetic nerve pain, but seems to be common for all types of nerve pain.

Thanks all. If someone can remember who or when posted the 5 stages of accepting a chronic illness (or something similar to that effect) can you have them repost it, PLEASE.