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Chiari and dental treatment


Im embarrassed to admit this but I haven’t been to the dentist since I had my decompression surgery two years ago but I have to go now because of a horrible tooth ache! Im terrified of going to the dentist anyway and the pain of sitting in a chair with beck extended for that period of time makes me winched just thinking about it! Anyone got any advice to make this dreadful trip a little more barrable???


graded motor imagery, motor control exercises, and tactility exercises helped with my neck pain after surgery. Clean teeth and no cavities!


I had to go to the dentist 2 weeks postvop because ny crown fell out.
I was dreading it aswell because lying down was so painful but it wasnt bad at all.
Just make sure you tell them so that they are understanding.
Good luck!


Oh God Yes! I blacked out once because they kept me down too long. How did you do?


Oh yeah, I use a small down pillow when I go now. It really helps!


Well I chickened out and rescheduled my appointment! My husband has threatened to drag me kickin and screaming next time.


B4 surgury I always got teeth cleaned 2 x a yr. Now it’s been about yr and ahalh. Terrified. B4 surgury I had crown done. HORRIFIC. Then found that a travel pillow helped for last cleaning. But still scared to go back.