Chiari and anxiety?

So I’m curious if anyone else here also deals with ridiculous anxiety? Before I found out about my misdiagnosis I thought the horrible anxiety either was because of the Cerebral palsy I believed I had my whole life. Or I was probably just crazy or at least I felt crazy.(the misdiagnosis did not help that situation at all.) But I read in a few places that it can actually be a symptom. I’m wondering if this is true. And I’m also curious on how other people with Chiari deal with anxiety and panic attacks.

Hey holly, I’m in the same boat as you with the anxiety. Ask to be put on something, I take lorazepam for my anxiety and it calms me down to the point where the headache is bare able. There are stronger medications out there for it too.

Yes, it goes along with Chiari and a lot of us suffer with it.
Talk with your doctors about something that will help. Do you take gabapentin? It has a calming ingredient in it.
Holly, many of us are right there with you.
Cymbalta is another good aid for pain, anxiety and depression. Calming music, calming teas, rest and mediation can help too.
Always check with your doctor for what is best for you. Even some of the herbal stuff can be harmful.

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Thank you for the suggestions I’m going to talk to my regular Dr after I see the neurosurgeon.