Chiari 1 or 2?

I was diagnosed in January with chiari,syringomyelia(6 cm extending from C-3 - T1 1.6 mm diameter) scoliosis, and bulging disks from C2-3 C4-5 C5-6 C6-7 , all this time I figured/hoped I had chiari 1 but now looking back to the doctor reports they refer to it as Arnold chiari malformation which Ive come to find out is usually used for chiari 2. my doctors report states Cerebellar tonsils are low lying below foremen magnum. there is flexion of the brain stem at the level of the odontioid. the posterior fossa has a relatively angular appearance. so since its affecting the cerebellar tonsils and a flexion of the brain stem does this mean its chiari 2?