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Chianti Surgery Recovery


I will be sending an email to the doctor’s nurse but am curious if most of you had a rising bed that allowed for the head to be risen during recovery. We have a rising bed frame but she is not fond of it but I think it would help with care. I have found one I would be willing to purchase cheaper and then we could flip out the new mattress after recovery is over. What is everyone’s thoughts?


I do not think that such a bed would be of great benefit. Your energy and money may be better spent elsewhere. I would not think that total bed rest would be advised even for children. A jaunt to the washroom for such things would probably be encouraged. You’ll have to hear from your care team. Good luck with the parental ordeal of the surgery itself and the recovery. Take a big breath. Stay calm


I have one and did not use it. I had major problems with dizziness and lying flat was much better. I layed on my side mostly which was the best.