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Chest pain with severe acute rise in pressure/headache

Was seen last Sunday at ER here in Ohio . I had chest pain after having a Burst of headache and pressure in my head. They said I didn’t have any test results showing coronary issues. The pain went into my chest pounding like my pulse and the pain and pressure shot down my spine to my low back. It lasted for a short time like 2 -3 minutes. I have headache on a daily basis and have for about 20 years . I’m a little over a year out from decompression surgery but also currently show Cerebellar Ptosis on scans. Any help is appreciated and blessings to you all for being the bravest warriors I’ve known of still to meet.

Anyone had this happen?

Idk if I’m using the site correctly. I haven’t read the rules but promise not to disrespect anyone.

You are using the site correctly. Sometimes there are quiet spells where it might take a day or two for people to take notice.

Dealing with a chronic condition, as well as the sometimes urgent nature of it, can be really challenging. Chest pain is always a good idea to get checked out. Are you following up with your GP and/or neurologist?


Yes I have but they seem as baffled as I am. But for this to keep happening in the same way every time.