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Checking in

I haven't posted here in awhile. I decided to take a break from all the Chairi research and try not to stress myself out over it. So here is an update on me. I did find a Neurosurgeon here in St. Louis who really seems to know what he's doing. He had me get an cervical spine MRI and we found 2 herniated disks. Neither the neurosurgeon or the spine surgeon feel that the Herniated Disks are causing the Migraines. The NeuroSurgeon did acknowledge that I have a lot of crowding at the base of my skull so the Chiari could be contributing to some of it. I have also seen one of the top Neurologists in the area who specializes in headaches. She also said that the Chiari could be causing some of the migraines. So the current plan of action is to address the herniated disks first. They are pressing on my spinal cord. Surgery is set for August 5th. After the 2 months of recovery time, we will see where I'm at and I will follow up with the NeuroSurgeon. In the meantime, I have started taking Gabapentin. No adverse reactions. Not sure if it is working yet, but doc said to give it 2 weeks and it's only been 10 days. My good days seem to be better and the severity isn't as bad so frequently, so that is a positive. I may not need surgery for the Chiari as long as I am doing better once the disks are taken care of.

I am so pleased you are making progress, Rese. Very good news. Thanks for the update.