Chairi malformation1

Is it terminal? New and scared.

Very rarely at all. The Chiari headaches/migraines wear me out though. Different symptoms for everyone but the hesdaches affect 95-98% of us. I also am losing my hearing, have poor balance and strength, and have a kind of mental fog with remembering learning and performing complex tasks but that’s just me. I have other symptoms as well. Some folks have it worse, some have no symptoms their entire lives. They just happen to have discovered that they had the CM incidentally because an MRI was being done for some other reason.

If you have no symptoms as noted in your profile, be grateful. I’m guessing your doctor was running a test like an MRI and found found the CM. Do some research. You may find that you do have symptoms snd are so used to them that you considered them as a part of nothing. Or you may have no symptoms. And that is not unusual. Even so there are certain activities you may wish to avoid in order to stay pain free like jumping on trampolines, contact sports, and others. Wish you well!

Thanks for all the welcomes guys. Let’s see if I can answer some question using my phone. I work at an eye center opthalmology. One day at work I accidentally got dilating drops on hand and in turn got into my left eye. I told the doctor that is what happened but he wanted to look at my eyes anyway. He noticed that my optics nerves were slightly elevated so he sent me to the hospital just to be cautious to have scans. I had a MRI w/wo contrast, CT and MRA. The only thing found was chairi which yes they said was incidental. No symptoms I am aware of. I have high blood pressure but am on med and it is fine. I still have 20/20 vision and all my visual fields I’ve been doing every 3 months are normal. I went to neurologist and of course he looked at scans and said you are fine seen you in a year unless you have symptoms. Just very scared and worrying about not making it.

Yeah they never diagnosed PTC because they didn’t want to do spinal tap cause of the chairi. However I have no headaches.