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Chairi and B12 deficiency. Anyone had any connection between the two?

Just wanting to know if anyone else has been fighting this as well.

Thanks everyone!

The fight never ends, but I still have hope.

I have never made the connection between B12 def. and CM but I have had the deficiency my entire life ... 45 years of it - preniscious anemia specifically

I had a bunch of Labs run Vitamin B 12, D, Magnesium , my Thyroid is working right and I am also anemic now and had never been before.

I am tired all the time no matter what I do.. I have currently started on a regiment of natural supplement's the Holistic Dr asked me to try. We'll see what happen's .. Better then all the other stuff they want to pump in me..

You'll probably find that Vit A dips low as well - there was another that was pretty much consistent but cannot think of the name...I'll get back to you on per energy...I even tried effidrine which is no longer doesn't matter because it helped only intermittently - with that said , I found the foods that I ate added to me being lethargic - I stick with as much fresh foods as possible, drink water after everything I eat & drink & I eat many small meals - almost snacks at times - nothing too heavy...things that dragged me down were anything with a high sugar gave me a tad of energy then tired me out...with that said, the magnesiun drop makes me believe that the foods are adding to your issues and taking the liquid form will definately help along with weekly or monthly B12 shots...I hope this is helpful :)

I have had b12 deficiency but it was back when I was taking neurontin/gabapentin. Any chance that it might be in your pharmaceutical tool box? Some of the anti-seizure medications can deplete some of the b vitamins. Might be medication side effects as opposed to chairi directly but then again… I haven’t taken any meds for awhile and I’m just now starting back up on some and I still have malabsorption and deficiencies so it’s hard to tell. They do have a b12 shot if the oral supplements are not working to manage your levels and a lot of people do find the shots helpful. So,it might be something to ask the doc about to find out thier opinion on if it might be an option for you now or in the future. Wishing you luck with it. Would love to hear an update. Kris