Cervical collar

Like many I suffer with severe pain. I also have ICP , neuropathic painand fluid building up in my spine. I also have the normal chiari symptoms. I’m waiting for surgery. Like many of you I have been to several doctors, spent hours researching and have been trying various pain medications. So tramadol works a little on my neck pain. Today I went to walgreens and bought a cervical collar.
I have had it on most of the day. Its uncomfortable but its helping take pressure off the back of my head and spine. My swelling has decreased and so has my pain. Tonight will definitely be the big test. To see if this helps me be able to sleep. I’m hoping by keeping my neck emobilized I won’t wake up in severe pain with my whole body screaming and left sided numbness. I also have sleep apnea. But for right now even this little bit of relief is a God send so I thought I would share…


I hadn't even thought of something like that! I immobilize my head while I sleep with a baby blanket on one side and stuffed animal on the other (don't laugh!). My husband works at Walgreens - maybe I'll have him bring one home. Thanks for sharing!

Katrina W.


That's such a great idea. I wore one after I had my surgery for quite awhile and it was a life saver. I am so happy it's helping you. Isn't amazing that we all have to figure out so much for ourselves?