Cerebellum Tonsillectomy


My wife’s surgery (Cerebellum Tonsillectomy) is scheduled for 2 Jan 2014 at the TCI with Dr B.

We are nervous about this – since it seems to be a new type of surgery – but we have been doing research and it seems to be the right decision to get her tonsils removed.

Please share your experience about this operation and if you had any negative side effects after removal of your tonsils?


Cm, my tonsils were removed during my decompression, and although I guess I wouldn’t know otherwise, I don’t miss them! My cognitive problems improved after surgery. To me, it was more important for every measure to be taken the first time so I wasn’t left with blocked flow after surgery. I wish your wife the best outcome with her surgery and I thinks she in good hands!


Thanks so much for your reply - its encouraging to hear it worked out well for you.