Can't stand the waiting

My sister told me on Wednesday that she might have an aggressive form of breast cancer. Our family has suffered many medical emergencies in the last 5 years including the death of my dad and my grandma. She didn't wan't to tell me because she didn't want me to worry until she had the facts. I am tired of being a burden. I am tired of feeling helpless. I am tired of people walking on eggshells because they don't wan't to add anymore stress to my life. I go on Wednesday to find out if I have another CSF leak. She lives out of state so all I can do is wait and pray. I hate for the phone to ring because I am terrified that it will be her calling to say it is true.

How do you overcome that feeling of helplessness? How do I stop feeling like a burden? I can't lose her now. I just can't handle any more heartache.

Please pray for good news. We really need some good news.



You and your family will be in my prayers. My mother has recently had her breast cancer return for the fourth time. It's terrifying. I also lost my Best Friend, Step father, Grandfather & Grandmother in a very short period of time. I even postponed my cranial nerve surgery until my grandmother died so I wouldn't upset her while she was sick. I am crying with you. I know the presure you are under. It is very hard to mourn & deal with so many questions you have spinning in your head about CM. Be glad you have a family that loves you. That will get you through so much emotionally. We all feel helpless most of the time & like a burden. That is because we love our family & friends & don't want to hurt them. They have some amazing treatments for breast cancer. I wouldn't worry until you know her exact type of breast cancer and her treatment and prognosis. Luckily my mom is a Hematologist and worked with a Oncologist for years. Quoting Dr. Swann " No one has a expiration date stamped on their foot." Worrying will only make your symptoms worse. You believe in God. Now believe in Him to be in charge . We will be here to answer any questions you may have or to listen when you just need a friend. You have come to the right place. Everyone understands.


Tracy Z.

Oh Susan......

My heart breaks for you and your family....just know we are here ....You and your sister and entire family are in my prayers...let us know how things are going, ok???

And I bet you are not a burden to anyone...your family loves you...but I get where you are coming from...I have at times (MANY TIMES) felt like well as feeling as though I have no purpose......Feelings are not facts!! I have to keep telling myself that too.

Peace and Prayers,