Can you help any of our new members?

We’ve had some new Chiarians join us in the last few weeks, and here are some of them. If you click on their @tag, or on their avatar wherever it appears, you can read what they’ve said on their profile.

@BethCar (Bethany) lives in the UK, and comments that the more she talks to doctors, the more confused she becomes. Know that feeling? Why not reply on this thread and make her feel welcome.

New member Seth, aka @Koolkatdude77, has been dealing with Chiari for over 50 years. Click on his @tag to read his story, and ask him a question! No question? Why not click on “Reply” and just say a welcoming “hi”?

Brooke’s from Kentucky and goes by the screen name @Aware. She says:

still trying to cope with my forever changing list of symptoms and medications but I’m honestly just really grateful to be here.

We’re glad you’re here too, @Aware! Brooke had surgery as a child, so if you’re one of the parents on the forum, you might have questions for her. You can reply and ask them here if you want. (If necessary, your mods can make a new thread.)

You know what it’s like to be a newbie in a group of strangers: let’s give these new members a warm word of welcome!

Seenie from ModSupport

Copy to @trust_level_0

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Yes , sorry. I just sent her a message now. Hoping she responds.