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Can I sky dive?


Hello everybody so I was decompressed 2 years ago had all complications but making great progress. My cousin asked me if I wanted to go on a sky dive with her and I said great! lets do it haha.She then said “meaning no offence but are you actually allowed to sky dive with your brain problems and all” I was like I dunno im gonna do it anyways haha butttttt then I got to thinking is it dangerous and has any one else with chiari sky dived before with a great outcome/day.Is it safe?.


My surgeon said goodbye at my last check up and never said a word about dos or don’ts. As Chiari patients we find out on our own. Challenging something that has been repaired will be for you to contend with; not your friend or anyone else.
Amusement park rides made my heart go out of rhythm when they dropped steeply. Remember the portion of the brain that has issues for us is the lower cerebellum and it controls your motor functions. My Chiari malformation also compromised my brain stem, which controls your vital functions.
There are many great things to do in life; choose wisely and/or be willing to accept whatever the outcome.