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Can CM1 develop later in life?


I’ve had MRI in the past. One in 1995 and one in 2006 due to headaches at the time. Both came back with normal findings. I’ve also had a cervical MRI in 2007 also with normal findings. Last month I had another brain MRI due to some nerve pain at the right side of my head whenever I worked out. Everything was normal but I now had a Chiari Malformation 1 at about 7mm. I’m just baffled how it never came up before in any MRI of the brain or cervical until now. I’ve never had any medical procedure regarding spinal fluid so I’m extremely curious how it happened. I have an appt with my neuro next month and hope to get some answers.


My understanding is that it starts in the womb.


But symptoms can start later in life or sometimes there are no symptoms.