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Can anyone recommend a neurosurgeon in RI/CT/MA/NYC area?

I'm in RI. I have an appointment with Dr. Carl Heilman at Tufts--I've heard good things about him. (Anyone who can recommend him, please chime in here!) I'm looking for someone to get a second opinion from. Can anyone recommend anyone else? Thanks in advance.

Be sure to check out the Ben's Friends Doctors List in the menu tab Chairi Info for Members.

Thanks! I see Dr. Heilman on the Ben's Friends list, which is encouraging. I'm really hoping that people who recommended him are still here and can chime in.

And/or that people who can recommend someone else are still here! I haven't seen any neurosurgeon yet...just, they tell you to get a second opinion, so...

Thanks again!

Dr. Constantinos Hadjipanayis, he is Chairman of the department of Neurosurgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. Last year he was Chief of Neurology at Emory University Hospital here in Atlanta where he performed both of my surgerys.

Here is his information link at Mount Sinai.