Can an MRI tell if you have a CSF leak?

This is my be a stupid question, but can an MRI tell if you have a leak? I have had some fluid on the back of my head, and in the morning, I wake up with semi dry clumps of puss in my hair (I know gross) where my scar is..I am not sure if its just from where I had my stiches and it is still healing...or if it is a leak. I have an MRI for a syrinx on the 7th, but was wondering if it could tell this also. I have had a few bad headaches again, but I think they are migraines,,,,and my neck is still sore.... I am 4 months out!


Yes it can. You are a little past a CSF Leak stage. The clumpy gross stuff lasts for a while especially if you had staples. The MRI will definitely tell you if you are having a CFS Leak. Call your NS anyway & get their opinion. Did you have a Duraplasty ? if so do you know what they used as a patch?

Tracy Z.