Burning pain

Hello all,
Does any one out there experience burning as a symptom? Every now and then, while I am sleeping, I wake up (usually laying on my left side) with burning pain all over my upper body all the way into my head. Today it was more concentrated in my chest and my chest hurt. As soon as I turn over on back it gets a bit better and when I get up out of bed it gets even better yet. It takes me about 2 - 3 hours to start to feel better. I try to go back to sleep and every time I turn on either side (left is worse), it starts up again. I have had my heart checked out several times, in fact last week I had EKG, blood work and and Echo Stress which were all normal. Years ago I even had a heart cath which was normal. I only have a 5mm chiari but was told by Dr. Heffez (and shown on MRI) that there is brain stem compression. I also have intracranial hypertension caused by the chiari. I am terrified of surgery and I manage with all the other symptoms pretty good. Thankfully I get disability and only work 2 hrs. a day in a school (not very many days a year!!) so would rather deal with it then have the surgery. Just can't help but worry every time that it is my heart!!! I have actually been in the ER with these exact symptoms and numerous times have been given all the heart test and was told it is not my heart!! Try telling that to my MIND!!! If there is anyone out there that can relate I would love to hear from you.


Hi Karen,what I refered to as internal combusting in the middle of the nite was a huge issue of mine. I didn't know if it was the Chiari or Menopause because I would not sweat. Stabbing heart pains has also been one of my symptoms that has effected me randomly and for long durations since I was 23....I am now 50. Since the surgery it has definitely better. Symptoms really do vary with each of us. The frontal headaches have been the hardest for me. I have a high pain tolerance and have adapted to the off balance feeling, but those type of headaches bring me down. I to put off surgery because I was petrified. its been 6 weeks. At this put I have a lot of muscle pain and fatique, flu like. I Pray you find guidance to help ease your discomforts and fears.


Prior to surgery I would get places that felt like you were holding a match to them at random spots on my body. I think it must have been related to Chiari because post-op I don't have them.