Bundle of nerves for surgery tomorrow!

Ahh! Lol, I'm soo nervous! I don't really know why, i couldn't be more prepared or ready for this surgery, I'm having a C1 and C2 laminectomy and a duraplasty, I'm scheduled for surgery at 7:30am so I won't even have much waiting around in the morning, the hospital is right down the street from my house, and my husband, parents and mother in law will be there! Today is my last day at work - I'm scheduled to return to work full-time on July 30 - so my 15 coworkers put together a basket full of presents!! I'm supposed to open one-a-day until I come back to work, LOL!! It's soo cute and awesome, I was soooo amazed! I'm so blessed to have such a great support group and friends and family that care about me....I'm still a complete mess about recovery though, I'm so nervous about the healing process and staying in the hospital - I've never stayed in the hospital before! I'm only 25, no kids, so this is a completely new experience for me.

Thanks to everyone here that helped me out over the past months with all my questions and concerns!! This site and especially the forum has been a great resource!

(I attached the picture of the basket my coworkers made for me if you want to see it!)

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I had that same surgery. Apparently the gift basket is a tradition because my co-workers did the same thing for me. I will be in prayer that everything will work out and a speedy recovery for you.

Don't be nervous, leave it in the hands of the Lord. Say a prayer before you go in that is what helped me :-) It probably won't take all of the nervous jitters away because you will feel better.

Becki Bowling said:

It is awesome that you have such supportive people around you. I am lucky with that myself. I don't know what I would do without my wonderful friends & family. It is normal to be nervous. I am scheduled to have my surgery Thursday (after being rescheduled twice). My nerves are doing quite a number on me too. Let us know how you are doing afterwards as soon as you can.

Just checking to see how your surgery went

I hope all went well today and you will be feeling good soon!!!

Hope everything went well! That gift basket idea is great! :)

wishing for a speedy recovery for you! best of luck! xoxoox