Brain Fog-Muscle Spasms

I'm exhausted.. All the time. Exhausted. Most of the day it takes everything I have to keep my eyes open. Sometimes at work I have to sneak in the bathroom and sleep for 5 minutes on the floor..

There's no way it sleep deprivation. I can't ever remember waking up at night, so I'm fairly sure I sleep through the whole night.

Any tips on anything that will help with this?

Also: I have been having muscle spasms in my legs, but yesterday I just started getting them in my face.. This morning I woke up and I felt so tired, my whole body was shaking, and today my eyes start twitching, and then eventually my whole face is doing it..

I'm paranoid everyone is going to think I'm on drugs, because my eyes stay bloodshot, and droopy. My face looks washed out.. I look like I'm high most of the time..

I hate all of this!

I have no suggestions here but I have had mornings where it feels like I haven't slept all night and I'm really tired. The past week however, I seem to have slept really well. What about sleep apnea? Not sure that would explain the muscle twitching and spasms, however.

My boyfriend says that everynight, I talk in my sleep all night long, but I usually only snore if I'm congested.

I'm hoping to get a plan of action after seeing the neurologist at the end of the month.

Hi RoseMommy

I am very sorry to hear of the exhaustion and difficulties securing medical help. With a diagnosis of Chiari I found that it was important to know that my brain was under constant stress and that it responds to that stress with fatigue and an emergence of funny symptoms that do not seem to make sense.

I found that concussion information on reducing external stimuli and maximizing rest periodically during the day were very helpful to reduce the load that my brain had to deal with. (It boggled my mind that "rest" means laying down and doing nothing - what a concept!)Unfortunately, I also had to reduce the roles and duties in my life. I fought against this as I too am a wife and mother with lots of responsibilities. It helped me to make a list of priorities so that I could focus my energies on what mattered. Prior to surgery that list got smaller and smaller. I hope that you receive help sooner than that! I also had to make a conscious effort to recruit others in helping out me and my family.

Treatment for reflexes that emerge with Chiari helped me with muscle spasms, vision, and balance among other things though I did not find out about them until after my surgery. Other people's suggestions on supplements also seems to be helpful. My understanding is that it does help people before surgery, they just have to be done on a more regular basis.

More rest - less work!

Good luck