Brain fluid (Has anybody else decided there's too many types of fluid?)

Hello again!

After my awful meeting with the neurologist the other day I called my neurosurgeon, well, I called his office and the receptionist very kindly put my directly through to him. (This has nothing to do with my question BUT if I could give everybody here one piece of advice it is this; Make friends with the medical receptionists, they run the offices and they are very powerful allies in the whole battle of being ill) Now, back to my original point, he decided to arrange a scan (For Monday thank God) He listened to my symptoms and said "In all probability it's probably brain fluid but we'll organise a scan and I'l look into it" To be honest I think I was just so happy that he agreed a scan was needed that I wasn't thinking straight, over here there are very few docs that have ever heard of Chiari and the medical system is lagging behind the american system.. So my question to all of you is, is brain fluid escaping and gathering and getting stuck where the skull was removed not a problem? I don't really understand how it couldn't be at least a concern.. Then again perhaps I'm overreacting!

Oof, Mandy just about covered it! I just want to reiterate that the leak is a problem…if it does not resolve on own, your surgeon will need to fix it.

How did the scan go? Any news from the NS yet? How’s the headache?

Thanks for the replies! I'm in constant pain at the minute, it's gotten to the point where I can't lie down because as soon as I lay my head on the pillow my ears start throbbing, it feels like there's so much pressure built up that my ears will explode.. I had the scan at 7 last night and tomorrow is the earliest the NS will get the results so I'm pretty much jumping and in a panic every time the phone rings! All my right side is getting weaker all day :( Just not having a good time of it at the mo!

Please let us know how it goes. I’m sorry your in so much pain.

I’ll keep you up to date :slight_smile: I’m just hoping I don’t get “the call” tomorrow, I decided to cheer myself up earlier and I ate ten roasted marshmallows, I thoroughly recommend an eating fest with lots of comfort food! Thank you so much for your support, it’s relieving a lot of pent up frustration, It’s unbelievable today, I can literally feel the fluid pumping where the skull was taken! :frowning: I think it’s time to curl up in with some chocolate and tea! Thanks again for being so supportive, I’ve isolated myself from most people, well, actually I was told I was boring and no fun anymore so it’s really lovely to have people that understand what you’re going though and still support you, I’ve missed that more than I can say :slight_smile: Thank you Xx

It’s freezing out so hot chocolate with marshmallows are the only logical conclusion! I got a letter from a new doctor I have to see, it’s a neurophychologist… whatever that is? It’s expensive whatever it is :stuck_out_tongue: I’m going through a bad spell with pain at the minute! How are you? :slight_smile: