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Brain blank


Has anyone else with a chiari ever had their brain just go blank? I just cant seem to explain it to my family that it just goes on sleep mode. I can be reading then blank.


Yes I’ve been dealing with this for years now and it has only gotten worse. I’ve had 3 brain surgeries and i keep going back to square one within a few months of each one.


See back when i was little i thought it was just part of my learning problems. it only last a few years in grade school. But the past 3weeks i have had a headache everyday (my nornal at most is 3-4 a week) but this brain blank or “sleep mode” as i put it has shown up more than ever.
If need to look somthing up on my cell. I pick it up, then totally forget what i needed to look up.
Or be reading then my brain go blank as if im just looking at the words and not even thinking.
Its so hard to explain to my family and doctor :frowning:


Emily, are you seeing a neuro? Because a nuero should understand exactly what you’re talking about, “brain blank” is not an uncommon neurological symptom of any number of disorders, Chiara included.

I personally go blank with migraines. I’ll be having a perfectly normal conversation with a friend and forget not only what I was talking about mid-sentence but what the conversation was about in general. It’s as if wires in my brain disconnected from one second to the next. For me, it’s a type of aura (pre-migraine event) and means I need to take acute migraine meds asap.

You should not be having headaches every day! Really, you shouldn’t be having them 3-4 times a week but I’m not one to be talking about that considering I’ve had a migraine for 4 of the past 5 days… even so, every day is way, way, way too much. That would qualify as a change in your disease. You probably need to be checked over just to be safe. And really there should be something to relieve 3-4 headache days a week, that’s too much of your life in “headache days.”

What do you do to treat/manage headaches? Are they Chiara in nautre? Or something else?



I have to get a new neuro (its in the works). I went to this last one hes was mean and started walking out the door as me and my mom was taking n b4 i could ask any questions.but For the pass week i have been on a everyday headache med but so far it hasnt help.
I even went to ER over the pain 2days after seeing the neuro. With them pushing 4different meds in me to get rid of the headache. Any other time i would pass out but i walked out of the hosp and didnt sleep till 4hrs later still with the headache.


I’m coming at this from chronic migraine — where is your headache? does it start at the back and wrap around? b/c that’s typical chiara. if the headache is to one side or the other and more pounding than pressure that’s typical migraine. they have very different treatments.

Good luck with the neuro search, I’ve been there several times over my 30+ years with migraines. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you find someone.

In my experience, in general, I have found women to be better than men in terms of neurologist. So much of neurology is diagnostic in nature and women are proven to be better at that in general. In 30 years I’ve only had one man who actually listened to me and took me seriously!

Good luck.