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Brain aneurysms

Anyone here also have brain aneurysm? Chiari 1 didn’t show up on my CTs, MRI/MRAs,or angiogram until one and a half years after initial aneurysm rupture. The rupture was coiled, but grew again, so a year ago I had a craniotomy & aneurysm was clipped. My left carotid artery- another pre-aneurysm bled during surgery & was stitched. Another aneurysm on my brain stem hasn’t grown since first seen when other one ruptured, so watch & wait on that one.
The recovery has been rougher this time around. I’ve had vertigo episodes for 8 months now, first thought to be caused by a virus. Looking at Chairi 1 symptoms, they are very similar to aneurysm deficits: vertigo & triggers, foggy brain, fatigue, sleep problems, vision & memory problems, mild but constant headaches. Time to see a neurologist!