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I wanted to know if anyone has tried Botox for headaches and to loosen neck muscles my neurologist suggested I should try it I just don't want to jump into it kind of tired of being their lap rat

I've been getting Botox for the past two years. It doesn't solve it but it does help. So far, it has been more effective than muscle relaxers and I definitely notice when the three months is coming to an end.

The one thing I would say is it's very important to be clear with your doctor as to where you feel the pain is. My doctor tended initially to focus the injections around my head and less on the neck and occipital region. After a couple of attempts, we started to realized that the pain was radiating out from the base of the neck and since then the shots are a lot more effective.

I totally get the lab rat feelings. Sometimes, it's like their throwing darts with a blindfold on. But, from my experience with intractable muscle spasms and pain, the Botox really has taken the edge off. Of course you have to make the right decision for you, though, taking into consideration all the other things you have going on and what your tolerance is at the moment for trying things. Sometimes, I find I just need a break.

Good luck!

I definitely understand how you are feeling about being a lab rat; it is not easy to go through what we do. Yes, I have had three rounds of Botox injections for my severe migraines. The Botox injection consists of several small injections around the head
Like a crown and my neurologist puts some into
My neck and my shoulders as well. I go every three months but for me they do not last the entire three months but it is the best answer so far. You are welcome to email me or text me if you have any questions.

So glad to see this topic! I go December 19th for my first round of Botox and I have had decompression surgery so I was a bit nervous. I still have all my symptoms and post surgery issues that I am still dealing with. I will try about anything right now to avoid another surgery. I am fortunate that my insurance covers botox 100% so I will pay nothing. The neuro said he will be doing them around my head, eyes, neck, and even a few in my shoulders for the severe muscle tension. I am still nervous because I have read too many stories online of people having major pain and headaches for up to a week after getting it done.