Besides Chiari folks..what else are we. We can't let our illness define us..what fun stuff do we do

I'm just curious. I realize that we all are somehow connected by Chiari but I'm sure that we are also have so many other things that we are. We are wives, husbands, daughters,employees, students, etcs. Chiari is not what makes us who we are.Since we are not going to let that become who we are. I am wondering what cool stuff folks do. What neat jobs do folks have, what hobbies do they enjoy. What makes them happy. What motivates them and what is important to them. Basically what brings folks joy. I have a husband, 2 kids, a bunch of dogs and cats( let me know if you need one), a highschool complex to remodel, a little house to remodel, tons of arts/crafts stuff to do, Occupational Therapy observation hours to log, work part-time keeping my friends little girls while she works as a nurse at night, am trying to study algebra so that I can take an online statistics class, trying to weed out and sell all of our stuff so that we can move, trying to study for my GRE, trying to make it to church, love to go to thrift stores and junk stores, etc. Chiari is such a small piece of me. It would be cool to hear about what excites and motivates everyone else. Does anyone else want to share. I know that we are all not just one big Chiari. We are way too cool for that.

Fun topic! I don't know how fun any of my activities are but here you go...I'm an accountant. I have a husband and a daughter. I LOVE to read. I LOVE music. My favorite bands are the Cure, Stone Temple Pilots, Slayer, the Haunted, Incubus, the Darkness, and Alice in Chains. I also like lighter music, like Lady Gaga, lol. I love going to concerts. I secretly love mosh pits but they are probably not a good idea right now! I'm always eager to travel. I'm a big foodie. Due to celiac I can't be as an adventurous of a diner as I'd like but I get by. Basically I like to hang out with friends and I love to laugh though my sense of humor is a bit warped sometimes.

I am also without rhythm and coordination. The few times I have danced in public have never been forgotten by my husband. I'm not quite as bad as Elaine on Seinfeld, but not much better either! lol!

I do hope you get to go somewhere exotic too! I really want to visit Europe, and especially Ireland but it's just a little expensive for us right now. Most of my travels just take me to surrounding states but I enjoy the change of scenery none the less!

Gluten free baked goods leave a lot to be desired. I have had a few successes. I used to blog about my recipe attempts but I didn't get many readers so I just kind of quit. I once made a really good rum cake using the Betty Crocker GF cake as a base and it tasted wonderful...could of just been all that rum though! ;p

I'm a wife, mother of two beautiful grown children, grandmother to be (coming in September). I am a Registered Nurse, work with Brain injured and coma patients. I love to hike, swim, and just take long walks. I also cannot dance, blame it on the CM. I love the Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, and some of the new stuff. I like fruity cocktails in moderation, makes me dizzy and brings on the vertigo. I too, like the Goodwill and thrift stores. I'm 3 months decompression, and I will be returning to work part time in a few weeks. I hope I will be able to do it again. I miss being the nurse, I hate being the patient. I hope one day to see Italy.

I work in a acute rehab hospital. We take care of people who have been in car accidents and other accidents that cause head trauma. We have Therapudic Recreation therapists who work with patients to find activities to do in their time away from the PT/OT therapy. Sounds like that is what you want to do, or vocational counseling. That generally happens further down the road. I take care of people emerging from comas and for the first 3 months after injury. From our unit, people generally go to a Subacute Rehab facility. I do feel I have learned from my time as a patient. My patients definitely will get their naps. I see how hind brain surgery made me so fatigued. Most patients have frontal lobe injuries. I am very empathic.

I try to preoccupy my mind as much as I can. I search online to find little home improvement ideas that I can do that will hurt as little as possible like artificial wood painting on metal doors and windows, stuff like that. I also do poems and read when I am able to and not doing school work. I just finished my AA degree and start my Respiratory Care therapist program in the fall, atleast right now that is the plan. I served 12 years in the Navy as a AM on F18's and got out because I felt I wanted to be a mom and did not want to be away from my kids a year at a time. Chances are the beatings I put my body through in the Navy did not help matters any concerning my health. I've fallen off of the aircraft I was working on, hit my head to many times to count while working while up under the aircraft, got knocked down by jet blasts. I was not to kind on my body at all lol. Now I am using my GI Bill to go to school, i have a mini zoo (6 cats, a dog, 3 ferrets, 3 parakeets and a guinea pig) but I only claim my birds, ferrets, my puppy and my one cat booboo who are both my therapy and cuddlers when I do not feel good. I am engaged and have a 14 son who is into football, track, biking, shooting, and normal boy things, my 12 year old daughter I think is out to kill me and she's going on 21 years old. I love gardening but have a hard time doing it so my family helps as much as they can so for now (until I can get back to what i love and thats digging in the dirt getting dirty) I buy the flowers and direct them where to put them all, it is not as much fun!!

Fun but long! Lol. I’m married & my husband has C1M. I was a Respiratory Therapist in hospitals & nursing homes & my husband was a policeman & worked undercover for the FBI. That’s where he hurt his back. His mom got Panc. Cancer & moved in with us so I quit work to take care of her. A year after she died, both my parents were Dxd with Alhiemers & moved in with us until they died in 06 & 09. Then my husband retired disability & we bought 500 acres near Ky Lake & build log cabins & have disabled kids come turkey & deer hunt like with Kids Hunting for a Cure. It’s very fullfilling & rewarding & takes our mind off our problems! I have a rare disease called mastocytosis where my mast cells go crazy & produce too much histamine & gives me rash, nausea & anaphylaxis so I carry an epi pen. Now my husband has chair so we’re quite a pair! For a while we owned some winged sprint cars we raced. We had drivers. We were just the owners. We sold out to do more stuff to our land. I’ve been to Italy & loved it! Great experience but wouldn’t want to live there. We have 3 grown kids & 3 grandkids. All doing well. Going to visit our son in Indy in about a week. Not sure how my husband will do on the trip! 7 hour drive from TN. Plus we’re going to World of Outlaws sprint car race in KOCOMO so may need to take earplugs so head doesn’t explode! We have a blond lab, Dixie, who I think is half human! So smart! I use to love to dance. I like oldies, 60s, 70s music & country music. My husband loved working on the land( planting food plots for the deer & turkey, hunting, working on tractor) but this Chiari has stopped most of that. Good thing we have alot of friends that help us. Maybe this time my husband can start that book everyone’s been wanting his to wrote about his work. If his brain fog would just clear. Maybe after decompression surgery he can. But then he’s gotta have another surgery to have dorsal column stimulator put in for his lower back. Once we sell our house ( log house > 4000 squ ft, 5br, 3 baths on 5 acs just outside of Memphis for $376,00 if anybody wants it) we’re going to finish our log house up here near Natchez Trace Park. Well, I guess that’s all about us. I do appreciate this forum & all the great people & advice. With the help from great people like you & help from God, maybe my husband can get better.

I've been out of the Navy for afew years ( dont like it though) I think most days I would have been happy living the rest of my life in the Navy. Falling off aircraft was interesting but it seems when your younger you bounce back and you dont listen to your body lol...well now it's yelling and cursing me lmao!!! I do not know if being the klutz I was in the Navy caused myself to be worse or not, I don't even think the NS can answer that for me. I've asked him and told him what I used to do and he'd just shake his head.

I could never have gone the nuc program and we call spermies crazy!!! YIKES!!! My idea of a fun time is NOT playing with nuclear material!!

you have to be a different breed to go in navy. Not many can live on the seas and love it LOL Personally being stuck back in Iowa (born and raised here and came back here to be close to my family) I miss the smell. If your Navy you have salt water in veins instead LOL The hospital when they went to do blood typing for my fusion I asked them why they just couldnt go off of my dogtag that I still have on my keychain. LOL Those people in the lab have no funny bone i swear

He's up at Pudget, Whidbey or Kitsap? I love it up there. Whidbey is the best but I was airdale side so abit biased lol

Probably....damn Sailors....did i just say that . I did the same thing when i was spreading my wings in the Navy and then i remembered my family years later...he'll come around :)