Benadryl's Cons

An article about Benadryl.

Benadryl is necessary for me to sleep at night. Chiari seems to create congestion. However would never take it during the day.

I take Benadryl sometimes for sleep & to help ease congestion too. I also have itchy patches at times (usually the back of my head that moves to other areas) and Benadryl stops it thankfully! Lately though, I need help staying awake rather than sleeping because I have convergence insufficiency & that tires my eyes throughout the day.

Just a note, is that the article is about newer, safer, more effective options rather than Benadryl. It is not a discussion on medications used with Chiari. Given the effort and stress on the body of having decompression surgery, I thought it would be worth a conversation with a pharmacist as what would be a good option for the Chiari brain. Benadryl does affect the cognitive aspect of the brain and so does Chiari. Makes you go “hmmm…”