Being threatened with Child Protective Services for our 11 y/o

I am in tears. Our soon to be ex pediatrician as of Monday is threatening to turn us into child protective services for medical child abuse. We saw Dr. Frim on Feb 6th and our HMO refused to pay for it, so we private paid. He said yes she has a Chiari, but I think she has a CSF leak making it worse. He wanted testing to look for CSF leak and testing for sleep study, swallow and pots.

Pediatrician refused all of it saying she doesn’t have Chiari or CSF leak. So we changed insurance as of April 1st. The leading CSF leak neurosurgeon is at Cedars Sinai in LA. We contacted him and he said yes I agree with Dr. Frim she seems like she has a CSF leak. We are to see him April 7. Pediatrician still refused to believe it.

Our pediatrician is saying we are medically abusing our daughter because she needs psychiatric care for mental illness and we are subjecting her to painful tests. I am beside myself with worry. That whole mess in Boston comes to mind.

Prayers for our family please.

Get documentation from Frim and the other neurosurgeon as soon as possible. There may be some tips here for you:

You can also file a complaint with your state medical licensing board against the pediatrician. Ask your attorney to help with this process. Hoping for a speedy resolution for you!

Thank you. I have Dr. Frim’s note that clearly says suspected CSF leak and I want this test for it. They completely ignored it.

I am going to read link right now.

This is insane. You are an amazing mother to go to such lengths to get the best doctors in the country to help your child! I agree with everyone else- get documentation and get a lawyer.

Hang in there! We are all here to help and support you guys!

Keep fighting, you have medical documentation from neurosurgeons stating a difference of diagnosis. I was told I was ‘crazy’ and that ‘it was all in your head and you need help’ until I demanded a CT scan which showed my Chiari. The doctors that said those things had to give me a written apology. Keep fighting. <3

Today I’m feeling really mad. I have all of my daughters medical records ready to go if I need them. Our attorney is on spring break until Monday. I hate wondering if it was an empty threat. We are also considering reporting her to the state medical board.

Dr. Frim always responds quickly to his email if you need to get in touch with him.

I would think about getting a second opinion as well. Either ask Dr. Frim for a recommendation of whom to get a second opinion from live in Colorado, isn't there a Chiari Center in Aurora? Dr Oro? Even if you could send her MRI disks and reports, you could get, at least, written findings from him. Or another Neuro in your state who works with chiari patients.

If it does go to court, the more paper work you have the better.

And a possible counter suit may be in order against the pediatrician. Who knows..?

I am an adult and was diagnosed for 15 years as this being a mental illness. Well, it wasn't/isn't and that messes a person up too. That is horrible to lay on a child. Just horrible.

You're doing the right thing. Believe in your instincts as a mom. Mom usually knows best!!

This post breaks my heart. It's hard enough to go through the trials of Chiari, let alone have some ridiculous accusations thrown at you that you abusing your child.

This "doctor" should be ashamed. I hope with all of my being that you file a complaint to your state's medical board against the pediatrician. I don't think there's enough words in the English language to describe how mad I would be if a doctor were to say that to me.

Would Dr. Frim's office be able to help you? Depending on the medical system the NS works with, the medical system may have experience handling issues like this. It never hurts to ask, and they may have more resources available to help you and your family.