Basilar Invagination - Dr Rekate. INPUT PLEASE!

Here I am in a nutshell.......

Previous decompression (mine was in 2010) a lot of issue following. Saw Dr Rekate and he concluded the same. Basliar Invagination and set up a surgery date for July 8th.

I am searching for those that have gone thru this procedure, and wonder if they would honestly be willing to answer even my ridiculous questions (considering we are coming from out of state - and leaving my little girls at home with sitters and family - makes me tear up just thinking about it)

If anyone is following or can post to add in some input on this - im stalking this feed ----literally....... Im a bit nervous about the procedure (ummmm its ANOTHER brain surgery, who wants that... EVER?!?!) so answers and input to help keep me on track would be great!

Thanks all!

Burdzmom, how are you doing? Please check in with us as you are able so we know you are ok.