Bad Cold causing neck pain/headache

Hey friends, I'm dealing with a terrible chest cold right now and coughing a lot. I feel like it's pulling and putting so much pressure on my neck, which in turn is giving me a headache. I've been taking cough syrup and tylenol, any other suggestions? Or has anyone found a cough syrup that works better than one? I can't seem to find one to suppress my cough. Please help! My niece's first birthday party is tomorrow and my birthday is Monday, all I want is to not be in pain! Oh and I'm 6 months post op decompression surgery.

Susan, thanks for that suggestion! I've never tried that one before, I've only had Robitussin with codine, regular robitussin, I've also tried cough formula, dayquil, nyquil, none of which give me relief. Hopefully I can get in to see my doctor and I will ask him about tussionex. Its hard to get people to understand that things like a cough affect my CM, but I guess thats all aparrt of having it :/ Thanks again