Back problems with chiari malformation

Does anyone else have any back problems ? I always have a sore back at the bottom put of my back . It feels like there is a load of pressure on that put of my back. Any advice for this

My daughter who has Chiari, POTS and a slight scoliosis - has complained for years of her lower back hurting. At her most recent MRI last week they found degenerative discs so now we are off to see the orthopedic spine surgeon to figure out why a 17 year old has degenerative discs.

Not sure if it is common to have lower back pain with Chiari - just know that my daughter does. I wish you luck and hope for some good answers for you!!

Thank u . Hope all goes well with ur daughter x

Hi Fox,

Sorry you are having back pain, but I am glad you posted this discussion. I too have been having back pain. that is actually why I am up so late tonight. I do have Degenerative Disc Disease and really feel it when the barometric pressure is low. This time it's from 10 attempted LP's last Thursday night at the ER. Never let anyone try that may spinal taps at one time. I am adding links from past discussions. Maybe they can help us all.

Tracy Z.