Back in the hospital

Well, my incision got red and angry again so I was told to go to the ER and he admitted me last night (Sunday). MRI with and without of both my head and neck were taken and show nothing. So, doc thinks CSF leak. He will do surgery to patch the leak. He can’t do the surgery until Wednesday. If I go home, insurance gets 3 days to decide to approve or not. So I get to stay in the hospital until then. He’ll also put another lumbar drain in and I have to be in ICU a couple of days with that in and a regular room at least a couple of days. Ugh. Not how I wanted to spend my next week.

Sorry you have to go through this. Hopefully the correct what's wrong and you don't have to go through this again.

<3 will be sending good juju your way.

Thanks. I’m just bummed to have be here. I’ve decided I don’t like hospitals…and I kinda want to cry and that just makes me angry.

Cole, I’m so sorry. I don’t blame you for being upset. I want you to get better though, so I’m glad they found something they can fix. Sending prayers, hang in there Cole.

Hugs, jenn

I'm so sorry! Hopefully this is just a blip on the radar and you can get back home and healed asap!

Well, my doctor decided there was no infection but was a CSF leak and since it was an issue he was going to do surgery yesterday.

So, yesterday while in preop my bubble busted open and I started leaking CSF at a pretty quick rate. So it became an emergency surgery.

So I am now in ICU again but feeling pretty good right now. My only pain is my incision. I’m tired of being in the hospital and want to go home. Doc says maybe Saturday or Sunday. :-/

Thank goodness you are on the mend! The hospital does suck but it sounds like you were exactly where you needed to be yesterday! Just try to get some rest! You'll be home before you know it! :)

Rest and heal now :slight_smile: so glad you are feeling better.

Well, because the rest of the stay was all weird, today apparently continued to be. Friday night my doc came in and clamped off my lumbar drain and said he’d be by sometime today (Saturday) and if all went well he’d pull it out and I might even I home. He said he’d be at the hospital midday, would start on the fourth floor and work his way down (ICU is on the second floor). It sounded good to me so okay. About 230, I kinda had a headache, couldn’t get comfortable, etc. I was laying in my side like I had done most of the day and felt a trickle of fluid go down my back. I called my nurse and said I think my lumbar is leaking. She looks and of course it it is…from around the tube. My doc is called and he decided a to go ahead and pull it out. Last surgery when he pulled it out I felt nothing, it was awesome. This surgery it has bugged me the entire time. So, as he pulls it out I felt it in the nerves of both legs and hips. Ugh.

He then told me to relax a bit, let my body heal itself a bit there and then start trying to sit up and walk some and if all went well, maybe still go home.

So, I did. And about 645, I was finally released and am now home.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers and support over the last week.