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At home with the Doughboy!

At home in my “Doughboy” kitchen (lol). OK, having taught university part-time, at one time many years ago,I admit to being a bit eccentric…but it’s mostly that I’m sentimental.

I used to have that cookie jar, Chuck. I'm quite fond of the doughboy myself...

Well, it's started as a bit of a joke when I purchased my house over ten years ago. It's a smallish house built in an nice old city neighbourhood in 1953. I liked the original kitchen cupboards and, while I made a few improvements, thought by using the Doughboy as a 'motif', it would harken back to those older more innocent days. Virtually everything in the kitchen (clock, calendar, etc.) is of the Doughboy -- in fact he's even 'spilled over' a bit into my dining room.