Aspbergers/ADHD/and Sleep issues

I have been doing quite a bit of research and have found there is some links between a Chiari and Aspberger's/ADHD, etc. I am going to pursue this with my neurologist/neurosurgeon because i have a 12 yo. with this issue and he doesn't sleep at night w/out meds (and still fights the sleep). What have other "heard" or "experienced" about this situation?


There are many Neurological disorders with crossover symptoms. I have discussed this on several different Ben's Friends Neurological forums with other Members. Definitely discuss this with your son's NL. A lot of Chiarians that I have talked to both adults and parents take sleeping medications. One toddler was taking the same dose of Trazodone I take nightly & had to sleep upright in a car seat. There are though links to every Neurological Disorder. Many don't know Chiarians can develop Ataxia & I didn't until I asked the experts from The Rare Genomic Institute during a podcast about a connection, since Ataxia is a Cerebellum based Disorder. The actual Podcast is on our Main Page if you are interested in listening. It also caused my Cranial Nerve Disorder. Then there are many related disorders.

Tracy Z.