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Asking my PCP about my face

I’ll be going to the doctor later today and I’m going to ask her about my facial skin. Ever since my surgery my face has been super dry and red with these bumpy patches. I’m also breaking out a lot around my jawline(hormonal). She was assigned to me through Medicaid and this will be my first visit. She likes trying natural approaches before prescription which has me a bit weary because that can go wrong but I figure it can’t hurt to go just once. I’ll update after the appointment.

I hope the appointment and whatever treatment is suggested works out for you. Did you have any changes in the products you use to clean your face?

She’s from India and has a lot experience with ayurvedic medicine. She gave me the option between the natural and traditional route so I decided to just try natural. She gave me two blends of spices; one to mix with honey and apply to my face for an hour every day and one to mix with hot water and drink. She also told me to quit drinking soda, cut back on sugar as much as possible and eat more fruits and vegetables. Drink lemon water every day and just more water in general. I think the mixtures have helped a lot with the inflammation. We’ll see how it goes, I have a follow-up in two weeks. I’ve started using oils and honey to cleanse my face. It doesn’t dry me out or irritate my skin. I also made rice water to apply to my face afterwards. Hoping this all works out as I’d rather not take more medicine than I need.

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Well,your appointment sounds like it went well as the doctor is open to both natural methods and pharmeutical options. Sometimes diet can play a key role in skin flare ups. Hopefully the changes you make over the next 2 weeks will show a positive effect in your skin’s health. I’m glad to hear the doctor seems to be working with you and not forcing prescriptions on you without accounting for how lifestyle and diet can affect the skin & body.

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It worked for the first few days but then stopped. My follow up is on Friday so I’ll have to see if we can figure out something else😕

I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve been a bit upset with my PCP situation. Here’s what happened.

When I went to my follow up, I could hear the staff telling patients who were calling on the phone that she was called to the hospital. This happened last time but this time around, I waited for two hours before I was called back. Unfortunately, she still wasn’t there. Instead, I was seen by nurse practitioner. She admitted to not reading my chart. She told me my blood test results, they were normal but then asked about my acne. “Oh, well we’re big fans of natural remedies here. Did she give you anything for it?” I said yes but it stopped working. So she started giving me terrible advice. One thing she told me was to use water as hot as I could take it to open my pores. Using hot water on your face is never a good idea lol. She proceeded to recommend Neutrogena products to me which is so silly because if I hadn’t tried that already I wouldn’t be at the doctor about this. I have tried so many things. I was so put out with the whole thing, I requested a different PCP from Medicaid. They approved the request and I made an appointment to see her. After being in the waiting room for half an hour, the receptionist called me up and said they didn’t take Medicaid 🤦

So now I’m between physicians and feeling a bit lost. There’s some good news though! My sister bought me a few things from the ordinary. One of those is 2% salicylic acid that I use in the morning and I use differin gel at night. I’ve been using water to wash my face I the morning. I have this pH balanced cleanser I was given in the hospital and I use it at night. My skin is slowly clearing up. It’s still really sensitive and I’m still waking up to blood stains on my pillow case but it’s getting a lot better. Honestly thinking of buying some big hydrocolloid bandages to put on cheeks just protect from my absent minded scratching lol they could help my face heal up faster too.