Arm "weirdness"

This is driving me crazy! I haven't really had that many issues with my arms or hands,mostly I was consumed with my endless symptoms of headaches and dizziness, along with this mentally lost feeling all of the time. But lately it has been my right arm or hand that has this weird, kind of weak and fuzzy feeling. I can just be on the computer and moving the mouse and its like my arm and hand all the way up to my shoulder seems to get wore out, and if I continue working anyway I get this feeling of a twitch or jerkiness. It has almost a numb feeling, but most of all it is just annoying. It doesn't hurt, but I cant stand the way it feels. I rub it and move it around in hopes that it will stop. Say I am drying my hair....I sometimes get so weak in my arm it feels like it could just "drop" or stop working at any moment. But now that I think about it, over the past maybe 5 years, I could be walking and even one of my knees or legs just "gives out" like I had a sudden lapse in weird is that? Wonder if that is chiari related and I never noticed it. I am currently fighting for disability. I lost my job well over a year ago due to my many symptoms especially my absentmindedness that seemed to get really bad the past 2 years.....I mean you just feel really dumb sometimes. Lots of things at home have become so difficult to do, and sometimes they just don't get done. I need a lot of help, because every task exasperates me. I feel like I need a baby sitter for myself! I am 28 years old, I am pregnant and I have a stepson who is 5 and a daughter who is about to turn 4. I can't drive sometimes either due to my dizziness. I am losing my freedom and my mind!!! Is anyone currently on disability due to chiari, even after the surgery? I plan on having the surgery after the baby is born, probably around June of 2014. And I do think I will be going to the Mayfield Clinic in Cincinnati, OH. Is anyone familiar with that clinic, and what is your opinion on the surgeons/ staff there? YES, sorry for my laundry list of questions but I remembered them all now, and may not remember to ask them later!!! Thank you all for taking the time to read this and respond!!!

I have had arm weirdness since April. I first noticed it when I could not hold my hair dryer over my head. I also have numbness in three fingers on my left hand. I had decompression surgery in May and unfortunately there has not been any change in my arm. I still have limited use of it. My syrinx is also still the same size so I am still hoping it will shrink and I will get my arm back.

My surgery was in Louisville but I am considering going to the Mayfield Clinic for a second opinion if I don’t improve. I have heard great things about the clinic.

I had the same arm weirdness prior to surgery. My arms would feel funny and be so weak all of the sudden. Once they almost gave out while holding a friend's baby! :( Thank goodness I passed her over in time!

I had surgery with Dr. Ringer at the Mayfield Clinic in October! I am very pleased with him and his staff! :)