Arizona Neurologist

Hello, I am searching for a neurologist in Arizona for my wife who understands Chiari. We already have a very good neurosurgeon, however, for post-surgery follow-ups and annual MRI orders, our insurance wants me to go to a neurologist and not the neurosurgeon. Surgery was done in Chicago so the neurosurgeon we have in Arizona has no reason to see my wife anyway unless there is a diagnosis requiring surgery.

Thank you,


Hi Mick, did you take a look in our Doctors List? It's one of the sub-menu items under Chiari Info for Members. I'm sure other people will also chip in with suggestions/recommendations. Something else you can do while you wait, that sometimes turns up helpful information, is to go into the Members page, advanced search, and put in Arizona (do in full and AZ) and check out other local members posts ... you may find a gem. Jules