Appointment with Dr. Ellenbogen is almost here!

Hello all!

After months and months of getting my medical records scraped up from my various doctors and then waiting months to get in to see him (my scheduling issues, not his!), my appointment with Dr. Ellenbogen in Seattle is on Monday! I can't believe it's finally here!

I am still not positive I want surgery if it's offered to me, but my understanding is he is one of the best in this business, so I feel so fortunate to be able to see him. I live in the Portland, OR area and got a 1pm appointment so will be able to go there and back in the same day.

This will probably be my last shot. If he says no surgery (I have a 9-10 mm herniation and a syrinx), not sure how I feel - so many of the meds I've been taking this year for headache prevention make me sick. If he does offer surgery, I think I want it but the thought is just so scary and...permanent! Appreciate any prayers you can send my way. :) Will try to post an update after I see him.

Thank you, wishing you all a pain free day!

I'll say a prayer for you! :) I have watched a video of him and he seems like a great doctor! Good luck Monday! My herniations is between 8-10mm with no syrinx and I am scheduled for surgery on the 15th of October. I just feel like it's my only chance of improving and I've got to take it but it is a hard, hard decision to make!

Anglyn - first of all, best of luck with your upcoming surgery!

I had my appointment with Dr. Ellenbogen today. I really liked him. I found him to be friendly and personable, but also no-nonsense. Really long story short, he recommended surgery, disagreeing with the last surgeon I saw. He says I do have quite a bit of crowding in my skull and is hopeful the surgery can offer some relief. He also said my syrinx was clearly visible on the MRI and it’s his opinion that when the syrinx is present, surgery should seriously be considered. He did some basic neurological tests then asked me what questions I had for him. Since I had already seen several other surgeons and read a lot of literature online, I didn’t have too many questions except to ask specifically what surgery he planned to do on me and what the recovery time would be. He said I could go back to work within 4 weeks, which makes me a little nervous, but I do have a desk job so hopefully it wouldn’t be too bad.

If I proceed with surgery I probably won’t proceed until Feb 2013 due to work conflicts, but I will keep you posted. Thanks for your support and if you have any other questions about my appointment feel free to ask!


Sounds like a great appointment. It's such a difference when you see a doctor that really knows what he/she is talking about with Chiari. You also know you'll be in the best hands and that you will be doing the right thing. Keep us updated and I will be praying for you.


So glad you had a successful visit! Good luck to you in making your decision! :)