Anyone in Iowa?

I live in Iowa and was curious how many of us there are and what Dr do you go to? I was diagnosed in 2002 but that Dr told me it was nothing to worry about and I’d be fine. Since then my headaches have gotten worse and I’m Dizzy all the time and my fingers go numb constantly. It’s so frustrating! !


I'm not in Iowa, but next door in IL.

Mandy here told me about Dr. Arnold Menezes ,and I believe he's still in Iowa (search him). Dr. Henderson references him for a few things, he works with the abnormal clivo-axial angles as well with CM. This needs to be evaluated for your symptoms.

Good luck,


I am in Iowa (southwest Iowa) and I went to a couple of NS in Omaha, I didn't have much luck with them. My NL is Dr. Whyte ( and I really like him) in Omaha. I ended up sending my info and MRI's to Dr. Oro in Colorado. I will be having surgery with him on January 28th.

Where in Iowa are you?

Dr. Menezes in Iowa City.