Anyone Have Syrinx Develop In The Thoracic or Base Of Spinal Cord?

Okay, I suppose this is a strange question, so let me explain... Sammy is now 2 weeks postoperative for his Chiari decompression. Although he has seen some relief from his dizziness, and his headaches, he is still having intense leg pain, and torso pain. I should clarify that the torso/stomach pain is not a stomach ache... it is the same intense pain he has in his legs. All my research is pointing me back to syrinx/syringomyelia. He has had an MRI, but they did not look further than the cervical spine.... has anyone on here had this condition develop in the mid/lower spinal cord, and (if so) what symptoms did you suffer? I had to beg the neurosurgeon to add a complete spinal scan onto Sammy's next MRI, but that is not until September 26th, and he can be brought to tears by the pain multiple times a day...

As a mother, my heart is breaking for my son, and I am desperately looking for clues to the next step.

As always-- thank you all for your time and patience. You have been infinitely helpful with all your experiences.

i have 2 syrinx's in thoracic

It sounds like it is very possible something else such as tethered cord could be going on! I would try every doctor he has, or call/go to the NS everyday until they will give you the full spinal mris, poor baby!