Anyone Feel Like Some Docs have Pre-Conceived Opinion?


Do any of you guys feel as though some ocs have a pre-concieved opinion about you before they even get through your very 1st visit?

Say, by looking at your med list, list of complaints, ect...

Last Friday I was sent to a surgeon by my GI because of lower stomach pain and wt loss...all tests and scopes came back fine and the GI felt as though the pain was due to adhesions.

Bottom line was this doc talked to me in such a condesending manner....told me to 'look at the glass as 1/2 full..go see a therapist and stop smoking'.

I so wish I had followed my own advice I always give others..bring someone in with you...I got a ride there but had my sister wait in the waiting room..

Now the GI has blown me off and is sending back to my primary...I had adhesions removed 8 yrs ago and have been fine in that area til this past late August.

I now have the exact same sx's I did 8 yrs GYN went in lapascopically and removed them..she is now retired or I would be back in my home state and seeing her.

I am so disgusted right now.

any thoughts? have any of you guys had similar experiences?

This doc on Friday made me feel like a wacko and it through me for a loop emotionally.

Thanks for being here!!



I think so. Every doctor I have been to has tested me for lupus and other autoimmune disorders. I tell them I have had these tests again and again and they are always negative. It got to the point that as soon as I heard the word lupus I wanted to run out the door!!! Even after testing negative doctor's don't want to give up on autoimmune issues as being a cause. My regular doctor tests me yearly for them.

I finally got a different doctor to send me for an MRI and when she found about the chiari she tried to talk me out of surgery and into a spinal tap to look for MS! I had no evidence of MS on my MRI but she still feels like it could be simmering under the surface?!? Crazy.


It is such a shame that doctors (some) have such large egos that they are unwilling to listen to the patient..the patient knows their body my opinion...

Yesterday I went with my husband to a Thorasic Surgeon b/c his primary sent him for a CT of his lungs...hubby went to doc for a dry cough that was going on for about 3 weeks at the time of his visit to the primary..primary DID NOT even listen to his lungs!!! But thakfully, he ordered the CT..small nodule showed and slight thickening of the lung walls..

Anyway..the surgeon was great...said to keep and eye on it thru follow up CT scan ..and naturally told him to stop smoking...but the manner in which this doc suggested the smoking cessation was so helpful..he gave him a hotline to call for free patches...

From there we go to hubbys primary ...who discounted what the Thorasic surgeon said!!!..."Could end up being cancer"!!!

he went on and on til I basically shut him up by saying..."Well, the surgeon operates on lungs every day and I think we should follow his recommendations."

Funny thing was then this primary went on to tell us about the resent loss of his own dad from lung disease...."2 years ago he was riding a bike and a very active guy,,,THEN he fell off THE CLIFF..he went downhill from there." I said.."Oh, I am so sorry for your loss, how old was your dad?"

I nearly busted out laughing when he somberly said 92!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWEET LORD.......The way he was talking , I thought his dad was about 60!!!

Don't mean to sound mean..but, man, 92 is a riped age..

sorry for the rant....we left hubbys appt with ...."We'll have to keep a CLOSE EYE on that NODULE and since all your bloodwork came back normal.....I have a Dx now for have FIBROMYALGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take Cymbalta, I will give you samples".

Is that how Fibro is Dx'd?

It seems to never end with these doctors!!

Thanks for listening..sorry I was a wee bit off topic!!!