Chiari Online Support Group

Any United Kingdom Warriors Out There 😘

Hey there please read my profile if any of u are interested in chatting more. Be happy to hear from u. Sorry to say United kingdom…It’s just that due to the NHS out experiences and treatment mat be different.

Any chairi warrior is welcome :sunglasses: keep the fight :muscle:

Hi i am in Ireland so not too far away. I don’t post much but it helps sometimes just to stay connected as I dont feel so alone. I look fine to everybody but the dizziness tiredness and everything else makes me think sometimes is this all in my head. Our health service here is poor full of bureaucrats talking rubbish and doing nothing. I waited three years after my decompression surgery to be seen by a neurologist. Anyway enough negativity keep your chin up and know you are not alone. Fill your life with as much positively as possible.