Any good Neurologist in Metro Detroit?

My son was diagnosed Jan 4th 2012 & operation was Feb. 10th 2012. They said he would end up paralyzed if surgery was not taken care of w/ 16mm tonsils. As this is new diagnosis for our family the more I read the more I think “Oh my goodness, these symptoms effect my girls & I.” I need a good neurologist to discuss this with. I have had ear problems my whole life, a massive whole in my left ear (requiring reconstruction), Meniere’s Disease, tinnitus, constant left ear pain stabbing at times, Mastoid in my right ear, by four the back of my neck just needs to relax in the recliner it hurts so bad to hold up my neck, shoulder blade pain, numbness/needles & pins in arms/wrist/sometimes in legs too if squat for more than 30 seconds, Colitis, Thyroid Disorder, Asthma, Allergies, Constant Sinus infections that requires drainage surgery, Endometriosis, Anemic, Migraines that brought my life to a screeching halt ten years ago-but only have 3 or 4 a year now-, constant fatigue, & leg pain by 4 in the afternoon.

Hi Parker's Mom,

I have an amazing NS in Detroit. His Name is Dr. Kenneth Casey. When I first got sick I had a sinus infection with two ear infections. When the infection cleared up I had ice pick stabbing pains in both ears. Four years and 52 specialist later I was diagnosed with Geniculate Neuralgia and sent to a dr. in Pittsburgh that had done a study for the NIH about Geniculate Neuralgia & 100's of other studies. His named is Dr. Peter Jannetta. His partner at the time was Dr. Kenneth Casey. He assisted on my Micro Vascular Decompression Surgery. His son went to a private school near my home in Va. and we became friends. After he left Alleghany General in Pittsburgh, he went to the Middle East to treat our Servicemen and Women. I highly reccommend him. He is very kind and has a great way of explaining everything to you & your children so you are totally comfortable. He is not only a great NS , he is a Great Man.