Anti-inflammatory Supplements

Has anyone had any luck with anti-inflammatory supplements? I have days where my entire body is puffy, to the point I can’t get my wedding ring on & my shoes hurt. And it completely ruins my day, I just feel awful. Aleve doesn’t help much. I’ve read turmeric is a good one, but I’m allergic to it. Lol

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Hey Cammiec,
There are a few differing supplements which a ‘rumoured’ to be of benefit. But PLEASE consult your dr regarding any such supplements. Some are known to interact with other medications in various ways and I would STRONGLY recommend you talking to a medical professional prior to taking any such supplements. Some supplements can be completely harmless when used on their own and yet have catastrophic side effects when combined with another seemingly harmless substance. Some of the interaction can be life threatening. So please check with your Dr prior to taking ANY supplement.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Thank you for response, I hadn’t even considered interactions! I always expect supplements to be harmless, but your are absolutely right.

I have been taking Move Free Advanced at the advisement of my chiropractor, & it has helped tremendously! Taking it has almost completely stopped my RLS. Doesn’t help with the dizziness & blackouts, but any little bit helps!

Ginger is a good anti-inflammatory if you can handle it, good for tummy also. I put in my smoothies.

I like ginger! Do you use ground ginger? I used to put it in my tea, when I still drank tea. I wonder if a pill form would be helpful.

N- acetylcysteine ( NAC ) is a powerful antioxidant and a scavenger of hydroxyl radicals. Recently, NAC has also been shown to have anti - inflammatory activities in tissues. … AA caused colonic mucosal injury, whereas NAC administration suppressed these changes in the AA-induced colitis group (p < 0.001). I give my 14 year old 600mg 3 times a day.Always check with your doctor.

Hey, cammiec,
Many friends and I have found that a mix-of-herbs from India called “Infla-650” has worked wonders. I have osteoarthritis (which acts up when I eat too many sugars and carbs - which provoke inflammation. My bad. Avoiding those things are the best.) Infla-650 works right away for me. But, it is a bit pricey - like $.50 a capsule. It can be found online. But, I do agree with the moderator… I have taken two homeopathic sleep aids that I thought were harmless, and ended up with massive serotonin syndrome reaction. The homeopathic stuff reacted with my meds - and if I had done some Googling first, I would have found that out myself! So - it’s good to be careful.