Anti-Inflammatory Diet

What has your experience been with anti-inflammatory diets? How did they work for you? Any suggestions for books, recipes, etc? I am not a picky eater, but I am allergic to bananas, so those are out.

I want to get recipes and foods set to go before I have surgery, as I am supposed to follow an anti-inflammatory diet when I get out of the hospital.

Any knowledge would be appreciated. Thanks!

I tried the paleo diet before surgery to see if it would help my symptoms but I really didn't see a difference. I am already gluten free due to celiac disease and I know gluten is considered fairly inflammatory so perhaps I was already seeing the full benefit of what the diet could do for me. A lot of people in the natural healing group follow Dr. Weil's diet plan for an anti-inflammatory diet.

I know adding things like ginger and turmeric are good at quelling inflammation.

Thank you, Emmaline and Anglyn! That information helps.

I did that diet for about 5 months, unfortunately the only result for me was a little weight loss. I do think its a healthy way to live, though. A few foods that made the diet easier for me were: coconut milk, sunflower butter ( just as delicious as peanut butter) and root veggie chips. You can find the chips at trader joes and even Walmart. I do know a few people who say the diet has made a difference with their symptoms.

Hi Donna, my daughter Liv is 5 and was diagnosed with 10mm herniation in January this year. She had headaches since August 2012, swallowing difficulty since June 2012, painful limbs for as long as I can remember, tingling in her fingers and toes. Then in October we discovered she’s profoundly deaf in one ear, after she declared one day out of the blue that ear didn’t work anymore. In November and December symptoms were unbearable for her, severe headaches daily, facial, neck and back pain,tinnitus, ear pain, she wouldn’t walk far because of the pain… On and on the list goes. When I look back she had some symptoms since 15 months, everything brushed off by doctors he told me over and over he was healthy nothing wrong with her(common story I see on these forums. Anyway in January we removed all dairy from her diet, it has made a HUGE difference for her. Now she only has headaches every few weeks, almost pain free limbs (she walks everywhere again now) and hasn’t complained of tinnitus for weeks. Her swallowing is still a problem but shes coping better even with this, she’s not pain free but the difference has been so great. Next step is to try Paleo out too, it’s worth a try right? I On another note we have been giving her Ginger and Kawakawa and although I don’t know if it is helping specifically it is part of what we are doing.

There’s some fantastic paleo sites/blogs with tasty recipes… I’ve been researching and starting to plan how to do all this. (lots more food prep required though)

Liv was miserable, and now she says she’s sick but happy… It’s a better place to be than where we were. I’m a big believer that what we put in our bodies is hugely impactive on our health and even though we can’t change a structural problem with a diet change, if symptoms can be controlled to any degree with diet then that’s a good start.

Good luck!

Thanks fo the links, Katherine!

I'm glad that diet changes have helped your little girl : )

I was going to post the same link Anglyn already did. Also Cinnamon and Honey in incredible for inflammation.

Great link: