Another surgery ugh

hey, hope everyone is doing well. I have a ? I had decompression surgery in March along with a c1c2 laminectomy with many complications. Now on Nov.6 I will be having anterior cervical disectomy fusion on c3 through 5. Has anyone had this surgery along with the decompression. Is it normal to have both? And did it help?

Lesley, I have only had the decompression, but many other people here have had fusions after the decompression. You must be feeling so disheartened. I think I need some fusing myself, possibly a cranial cervical fusion. I am wishing you the absolute best outcome and will be thinking about you on the 6th. How are you feeling about it?

Thanks for responding. Every time I post no-one responds I wasn't sure I was doing it right. Lol my brain sucks. I seem to be more scared of this then the brain surgery maybe because recovery sucked and I had complications. That's why I was trying to see the outcome with other people. I don't want to have surgery again but I also don't want to feel this pain anymore. I have 3 boys and can't seem to do much with them because I am always miserable. Sorry for complaining so much just a bad day and my nerves have got the best of me. I keep hearing of people passing due to chiari complications and that really has me worried.

I had emergency CM & a total rebuilt C Spine surgeries then, 3 years later had a C5 removed and C6 Fused. I have total range of motion. It's not normal to have both but sometimes necessary. Talk to your Dr. about Pain Mgmt and referring you a spine pain mgmt specialist for when the NS discharges you. You will need some one for follow up. I hope everything goes great for you. Make a list of questions for your NS, so you will know what to expect with your exact surgery.

Please let us know how you are doing,

Tracy Z.

Hi I had cranio-cervical fusion in March along with decompression. C1 & C2 fusion to my skull. Though it was a long recovery, I'm glad I did it. I feel so much better now than I did before. I have lost about 50% of the rotation in my neck, but you learn to adjust. I can drive and do most things normally. Don't let the loss of motion keep you from feeling better.

Beeba said:

If it makes you feel better - and no it won't!!lol- I had two decompressions and am looking at both a fusion of c4 to 3 or I guess 5? Plus the cranial fusion to attach my head to my spine. I have to agree I am more afraid of losing movement in my neck more than I was about the brain. I guess first time I was in so much pain I just didn't care. Second time I was so hopeful that since it was done wrong the first time that this would be better.... But this decision is taking far more thinking. I feel that if I was as unfunctional as before it would be a "no brainer" but when you can actually meet your mark but it is a struggle and you pay after it makes for a harder choice. What symptoms are you having? I know with the chiari you really do it to stop progression but I also think we have to decide based on that same possibility. If you have a little of anything - is it going to just get worse? Is my spinal cord being irritated constantly as bad as I think? Will I feel so much better but just won't be able to look over my shoulder? What about sleeping on my stomach? Ackkkk!! I am probably giving you more to worry about. But I don't know the answers and maybe we can decide together. Yes it is very common for people to have fusions as well. Sometimes it gets linked sometimes people brush it off. I personally think it is linked. Have you checked to see if you have craniocervical issues by a flex/ext MRI. All my issues were not able to be seen until I had that and the rotational ct scan. Sorry if I haven't answered your question or have even given you more to think about. But just like you my mind goes a mile a minute about what the best choice is. I wish someone would just decide for me!! No fun being the grown up sometimes:-P

thank you all for the advice, and more questions beeba lol. i have severe pain down the left side of my neck into shoulder down arm and back that just wont stop. my ns says i have large bone spurs that are pinching my nerves and herniated some of my c spine. i dont want to do surgery but dont feel i have any choice. beeba why did you have 2 decompression surgerys?

I'm sorry I can't add anything helpful, I havnt had my surgery yet. I just want to tell you that i'm sorry things didnt work out better for you & I really hope this time will bring you relief!